Bio-Ethanol Alcohol: What Is It and How It Can Be Used

Are you interested in making DIY aromatherapy blends? Or are you looking to find an alternative and cleaner option instead of synthetic ethanol? We’ve got the right products for you!

Why you should choose bio-ethanol alcohol

What makes our alcohol so different? Unlike synthetic ethanol that is derived from raw fossil materials, Bio-ethanol is made through an eco-friendly process using organic and food sources, such as corn and sugar. Our bio-ethanol alcohol, derived from natural organic sugar canes, is one of the most natural type of alcohol available. It effectively kills germs and a number of viruses. This premium grade alcohol has little to no odour or scent, making it a perfect base for a wide range of applications including cosmetic and household purposes. Read on to find out more about what you can use with our bio-alcohol.

Please note our alcohol is not for consumption/drinking purposes.

Bio-Ethanol Alcohol

Different ways of using bio-alcohol

Aromatherapy blends

You can make your own custom blend of essential oils with our bio-alcohol, for example, special blends for relaxation, anger relief, etc., to promote a sense of wellbeing and health. You can use the blends in reed diffusers, room mist air fresheners or make other products using your own blend of natural essential oils. A common mistake that people make in aromatherapy recipes is overlooking the importance of preservatives, using only water or water-based mediums to create products that are prone to microbial contamination. By adding bio-alcohol in your formulations, this will help preserve the essential oils and inhibit any bacterial contamination, making your essential oil blends safe to use!


Since our bio-alcohol has little to no odour or scent, this makes our alcohol perfect in perfume making. Whether you’re a DIY hobbyist or have a perfume-making business, we’re confident that our alcohol would be perfect for your usage. We currently sell our Biolume Bio-ethanol alcohol to a number of businesses that are involved in boutique perfume making in Australia.

Homemade cleaning solutions

Apart from cosmetic purposes, our bio-alcohol is also a perfect product for everyday use at home or at work. Use bio-alcohol as a window and glass cleaner to keep surfaces streak-free, or apply it to a cloth to remove and uplift any grease and stains. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) also approves ethanol as a formulation that can be used for sanitisation. You can use our bio-alcohol to make natural hand sanitisers. For a guideline, follow the WHO recipe to make your own hand sanitisers with bio-alcohol. As our alcohol is 95% strength, it is recommended to dilute it down to 60-70% strength when making hand sanitisers.

The benefit of making your own hand sanitisers is that you choose exactly the scents you’d like by mixing various natural essential oils, as well as an emollient to help keep your skin moisturised and smelling great!

For those who do not have the time to DIY their own sanitisers, we have an amazing anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, custom designed in-house with both sanitising and nourishing benefits in mind.

Biolume Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser

Our hand sanitiser is formulated with 12 carefully chosen natural essential oils including Australian tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender oil, and enriched with natural vitamin E. Each spray consists of 70% bio-alcohol content, a percentage well within the range of strength recommended by WHO. Our hand sanitiser effectively kills 99.9% of germs whilst leaving your skin hydrated and nourished, unlike many hand sanitisers in the market that can dry out your skin. Best of all, our hand sanitisers smell amazing and don’t feel sticky!

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