Bio-Ethanol 95% Alcohol - Premium Grade - 1 Litre bottle

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95% Bio-Ethanol alcohol denatured

Biolume's Bio-Ethanol Alcohol is a premium grade alcohol with little to no odour. This makes it perfect for blending with any essential oils and will not overpower the aroma of the oils. 

Due to our alcohol being naturally derived with little to no odour, it is perfect for a wide range of applications including perfume making, natural disinfectants, room sprays - the possibilities are endless!
You can also use this to make natural hand sanitisers and blend with your favourite essential oils or fragrances. For a guideline, follow the WHO recipe to make hand sanitisers or mix in with your own desired blend of natural Essential Oils.

As this is 95% Bio-Ethanol Alcohol, it must be diluted down to around 70% to prevent skin from drying or being irritated.

**Please note: this is not a drinkable alcohol and not suitable for consumption purposes**

Advantages of Bio-Ethanol

Bio-Ethanol is derived from natural renewable resources and not from synthetic production which relies on fossil fuels. Bio-Ethanol is made from organic and food sources, generally corn and sugarcane. It is a much cleaner and 'greener' form of ethanol.

Our Bio-Ethanol alcohol has a low to no odour scent and is suitable for a range of uses including mixing with essential oils, perfume making, indoor fireplaces or simply as a disinfectant spray.

Made from 95% Bio-Ethanol alcohol denatured with Denatonium Benzoate 5ppm as the additive to make it bitter and unpalatable for human consumption. 

You can read more about our Bio-Ethanol product in this blog post.

We also have a recipe on how to make your own natural room spray.


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Great product

Such a great product and Australian made, their service is fantastic very good delivery time as well


Great product, timely delivery

Noelene Walton
Great product and service

Thank you


Excellent product & fast delivery.

Great quality Ethanol

Great quality Ethanol however I personally found the denaturing agent to have a bad lingering odour. I purchased this for diluting perfumery ingredients but will not be able to use it for this as I can really smell the agent. But it’s great for sterilising and for use in my wash bottles.