Bio-Ethanol 95% Alcohol - 1 Litre - 10-19 bottles

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Each Quantity is one (1) bottle of the one-litre variety. Minimum order is 10 bottles, the maximum is 19 bottles. Order 1-4 bottles (no wholesale discount) using this link; Order 5-9 bottles using this link; Order 20-99 bottles using this link; If you need to order 100+ bottles, please contact us.

95% Bio-Ethanol alcohol denatured

Advantages of Bio-Ethanol
Bio-Ethanol is derived from natural renewable resources and not from synthetic production which relies on fossil fuels. Bio-Ethanol is made from organic and food sources, generally corn and sugarcane. It is a much cleaner and 'greener' form of ethanol.

Made from 95% Bio-Ethanol alcohol denatured with Denatonium Benzoate 5ppm as the additive to make it bitter and unpalatable for human consumption. 


This alcohol makes an ideal disinfectant, and can be used as part of a recipe to make your own hand sanitisers. Follow the WHO recipe to make hand sanitisers or mix in with your own desired blend of natural Essential Oils. As this is 95% Bio-Ethanol Alcohol, it must be diluted down to around 70% to prevent skin from drying or being irritated.

*This alcohol is not drinkable

You can read more about our Bio-Ethanol product in this blog post.

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Shipping Note: Please note we cannot ship to PO Boxes for orders of 2 bottles or more as we use a specialised courier service for alcohol, as Australia Post is unable to send more than 1 bottle per satchel.